Charlie Taylor lives in the south west of England with his wife and a spaniel. He is a retired senior police officer, a sociologist with a PhD from Lancaster University, a sailor, a photographer and a writer with numerous publications under various names. He has two sons who surprise him at regular intervals by being decent, personable and, each in their own way, talented young men. He loves the spring-time and hates the inevitable feeling of disappointment when autumn comes around. He has a small circle of very good, trustworthy friends who make him laugh and he does not crave any new ones. More than anything, he detests the short-term egocentricity of humankind and its unceasing willingness to indulge in undignified squabbling, and worse. He loves the arts and regards such human activities as the only things that raise people out of the daily gutter. He dislikes winter even more than he dislikes autumn.

Charlie is the Associate Editor of Mulberry Fork Review, a biannual online literary magazine featuring prose of all flavours, shapes, and colours. He has several years of editorial experience and has served on many literary competition reading panels.

Online Originals is the home of Charlie’s first novel, Scotch Mist and, if you’re looking for an instantly available, brilliant read – stop by East of the Web and check out Charlie’s highly-rated short story, Occupation.  Charlie’s most recent publication, The Tyranny of Convention and Other Stories, will be available on Smashwords soon, as will his out-of-print, novel-length publications.

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