Month: April 2018


There are no such things as the past or the future. There is no such things as now. As we think it or say it, it evaporates.

All things that have happened exist only in memory or in books or other media, which are examples of apparent stasis but, in truth, are subject to the same natural law as everything else. That law is this: everything changes. Time is not a linear process. Time is a misnomer for change. Entropy, if you like. Everything changes. Everything changes at different rates. That’s why ‘time’ is relative. That which we call ‘time’ is simply the rate of change. Compare the lifespan (rate of change > death) of a Mayfly and a Galapagos Tortoise.

That is all. For now.


I can’t think of many things more satisfying to the soul (or whatever) than:-

  1. All your enemies (and friends) dying before you – you win;
  2. Holding two fingers up to the world by opting out in the manner of Keith Murdoch, the 1970s All Blacks prop forward who, sent home from a tour of Wales, stepped off a plane in Australia, rather than New Zealand, and submerged himself in anonymity until his recent death, aged 74.  And, don’t you know, it fairly drove nosey bastards near insane trying to get a handle on his behaviour. He never would oblige them with an explanation. Good for him, I say. He won.

So, here’s to the demise, before you, of everybody you know! And here’s to awkward, enigmatic, couldn’t give a fuck diamonds like Keith Murdoch!