Month: February 2018


They say: Don’t speak ill of the dead. Yeah, right.


Snatched out of oblivion, and for what?

If people are never born, they are saved the problem of dying.

Do politicians never realise that when they talk like politicians they don’t sound at all clever, they simply sound like arses?


The steady trickle of so-called informed opinion pieces on Brexit and its forecast effects on the country, the EU and the rest of the known universe, has become a flood, except that such pieces are now presented as facts, as certainties, as truths. These things are the confident stupidities of the drunk on the bar-room stool.

Here’s what I think: Nobody can possibly know!



It seems we produce a form a cannabinoid naturally, often after exercise although it is claimed that other activities stimulate production. So I was probably a little bit (naturally) stoned today when riding the Bonneville, notwithstanding the freezing cold weather. Bliss.