Tempus fuckit

It’s 2018 so that’s another arbitrary, anthropocentric division of reality gone.

I remember when everybody made a terrible fuss about the new millennium. That point came and went, didn’t it, and nobody mentions it now.

And, speaking of ‘time’, I reckon it’s a mistaken concept. No such thing because it implies a universal, and yet we’re told that time (and space) is relative. I prefer to think of ‘change’ instead of time. Some things experience rapid change: the Mayfly, for example; some, not so rapid: the Galapagos tortoise, for example; or continental drift.

So, for the Mayfly, time flies by (ha!). For the tortoise, it simply crawls along (ha!). Time=change to a specific mass=relativity.

That’s all. I’m off to get changed.

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