Month: January 2018

Men! What Can You Do With Them?

A local plumber tells me that after unblocking a shower room drain which evidenced a mass of ten inch long hair rat-tails wrapped around the plughole filters, the woman of the house accused her husband of washing his hair every day in the shower thus leading to the revolting build-up of hair and gunge.

Jeff-the-Plumber said later that day to his wife: “The woman had long red hair, dyed to within an inch of its life, and the bloke was as bald as a coot.”

“There you go, then,” said Jennifer, “he’s washed all his hair away and blocked the drain with it. Like the woman said.

“And ours is blocked too, so you’d better sort that out quickly and get your hair washed at the barber’s once a week.”


Rumour has it that in the interest of gender equality so-called ballroom dancing is going to abandon the convention that mean ‘lead’ and women ‘follow’. Instead, unless a contractual obligation exists to share the roles, women will by default lead at all times.