Month: October 2017


After speaking with a cousin and a teenage years family friend this past few days, I am feeling that I should visit the few remaining relatives of my generation, and friends (not many of those) before it’s too late. I suspect the feeling will fade away, though, as we all must. I mean, what’s the point? To assuage guilt? Pah!

More emotions

Processing other people’s negative emotions at at time when your own are under strain (which is most of the time for your average Joe and Jane) is a double whammy. How much of other’s intense disappointment can you stand? How much responsibility for other’s misery can you take on board?

Burn out!

Life and Death

Lawrence Alan Taylor, dob 15.2.1945 died this day Monday 9.10.2017 at the Bolton Hospital, Ward 3B, following complications arising from a fracture as a result of a fall two weeks ago.

I am now the sole surviving member of my small nuclear family.

There are worse things in life than death. RIP brother.