Month: September 2017


How came it be (I ask) that the constituent elements comprising the universe took the form of you and I and flora and fauna aplenty? Even more perplexing: How came it that from out of the general soup arose this thing called consciousness? I mean, don’t talk to me about the problems surrounding explanations of gravity when we can’t even understand the nature of our own understanding.

Also, against everything my experiences have shown me over the past dozen years or so, I confess that I am still tempted to write another book. How crazy is that!


If you are thinking of moving in with someone, or even just contemplating a steady relationship, do yourself a favour and look at their feet before you do. Other than the mind (as Zappa would have it), feet can be the ugliest part of the body and I’m telling you, you don’t want to be saddled with someone who has feet like a Hobbits’s.