I am now taking antibiotics for my earache and I feel guilty doing so. I felt guilty bothering the doctor about such a minor, but terribly painful, matter given that the medical profession is well and truly goosed by successive government’s policies and workload and wotnot.

I also feel guilty about many aspects of my past and present existence which, I do realise, is futile in the extreme (my existence, that is, not the feeling guilty). Memories of my teenage transgressions have haunted me this past few days and I am at last coming to understand that I am not immune to human frailties to the extent that I seem to have indulged in 99.9% of them. I am ashamed and embarrassed for being me. Trouble is, if I were someone else (please discuss with reference to obscure philosophers) I would probably have behaved even more wretchedly. But I doubt I’d feel guilty about it. Guilt seems in short supply other than in my head. Maybe I own the world’s stock?

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