I’m Loving Angels Instead

If you’re one of those who argues that your belief is more true than any other or better than any other or even the best there has ever been, then you’re also a fool.

When Jews claim to be right (and righteous), when Christians protest that they worship the One True God and that, within the realm of Christian variants, when Catholics berate Protestants and vice versa, and Methodists feel superior to Quakers, you can be sure there’s a major problem.

I have never tried to list the religions that mankind has followed since… well, since before Adam was a lad… but you can bet your bottom dollar that the list is long. Just imagine, all those people believing all those different things with equal zealotry! All convinced that they, and only they, had got it right. What arrogance! What madness.

For, in arguing for the correctness, the truth, the objective reality of their own beliefs, the debate always and always descends to the equivalent of how many virgins can dance on the head of a pin. Or similar.

And I would give this answer: Don’t be daft, it’s none, of course.

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