I believe in?

Here is a message for all those people who believe in things, be it ghosts (various) or religion (choose from an infinite number), political ideologies (ditto), the flatness of the earth, that Darwin was wrong, witches, wizards, that the sun revolves around the earth, that there is a purpose in human existence… and so on.

Here it is: You need to learn the difference between ‘belief’ and ‘knowledge’, and absence of the latter is no excuse for the former. Also, and this is important, the fact that you ‘believe’ in things and hold your own beliefs to be true and dear, legitimises ALL beliefs everywhere. The act of ‘believing’ – that is, holding a thing to be true or not without any real evidence to support that belief – is accepted as good and inevitably results in arguments about the competing objects of believings. So, if you believe in things benign, you will legitimise others believing in things not-so-benign. If believing is good enough for you, it’s good enough for every idiot.

Have someone teach you basic philosophy, please: If ‘p’ then ‘q’, and the difference between inductive and deductive knowledge. Those simple things will do you and mankind a power of good and might even stop you being stupid. Although I doubt it.

Here’s mankind’s great problem: Big brains that think things and can’t be controlled by their owners.

Stop it!

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