1. The post about my boring wife is fiction. As is any mention of ear-lids. I don’t have any such things. Well, I do have a wife but she’s not at all boring and we haven’t been married for 41 years. I also have itchy ears sometimes so maybe…
  2. My love of motor cycles and spaniels is real. I have one of each. I’d like more of them both but…
  3. The suggestion that t’is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all, is bollocks.
  4. Kids! Who’d have ’em?
  5. Speaking of which, there are too many people on this planet. What can we do about it?
  6. ‘Virago’ is a great name for a motor cycle. Not so good a label for a female.
  7. I believe in equality. Everybody should be equal in all things. ALL things. ALL the time. I also believe in justice and democracy and fairness and sustainability and multi-culturalism and peace and love and honour and dignity and respect and… has anybody any idea what these terms mean? I don’t, but I believe in them nonetheless because they sound good and to oppose them invites justified criticism. What is ‘justified criticism’ anyway?
  8. Prostate glands are such a pest.

That is all, for now.

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