Tell Me Something

I’m told there are people who’ve eaten so much honey,
they’ve turned into bees.

I’m told there are ghosts and gods and fairies, and unidentified flying objects that really, really are beings from Outer Space.

I’m told that there is a Natural Order Of Things and that, instinctively, we all know our place in it.

I’m told that, soon, the State will wither away.

I’m told that The Noble Savage lived in harmony with his surroundings until another Savage came along to ruin it.

I’m told that money is the root of all evil.

I’m told that democracy is a fine thing and, much like religion, is worth speading to the four corners of the globe.

I’m told the globe does have four corners and that there are seven seas, Seven Pillars of Wisdom, Seven Wonders Of The World and Seven Brides For Seven Brothers.

I’m told that I should love my neighbour as myself and honour my father and mother.

I’m told that it is for the benefit of all that there should be very rich people and, therefore, but unsaid, poor people.

I’m told lots and lots of things.

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